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Whether at our 10:15am Experience on a Sunday or at the 6:00 pm Wednesday Experience, it will begin with a time of Praise and Worship. The Worship Team is full of energy and loves to worship God and we are confident that you will enjoy our worship experience.

During the rest of the service, you will meet our Pastors and hear an awesome message from one of our Pastors or one of the other fantastic teaching ministers here at The John 3:16 Church.

At the end of the Experience, you are welcome to visit the information booth in the foyer to find out more about the ministry that we are and we even invite you to become a part.

Along with people singing, dancing and some times shouting, the people standing around you may sway with the music or clap or even raise their hands as they sing (This is simply a sign of surrender or thank you to the Lord). But no worries here either… if you prefer not to sway, clap or raise your hands… standing (or sitting) for our 3 songs and enjoying the music is perfectly fine....we want you to enjoy your first time.

Please know that because we here at The John 3:16 Church are purposely growing a multi-cultural, multi-generational church our music reflects many different styles and we are hopeful you will enjoy one or all of them. We are excited that you are interested in checking us out and we hope to see you soon.

Worship Times


10:15 am CT


6:00 pm CT


The John 3:16 Church
6035 Fairfield Ave.
Shreveport, La 71106
Phone: 318.219.2989

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