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Apostolic Forecast 568 12 Daily Affirmations
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12 Daily Affirmations

Declaring Daily God’s Promises

1 God you are number one in my life!

2 God I daily take responsibility for my family!

3 I will ask daily guidance of Gods Spirit!

4 I declare all of my needs are met on this day!

5 I live in divine health daily!

6 I live a life of divine favor!

7 I live in divine material prosperity!


8 No evil shall befall me!


9 I will speak no corrupt communication!


10 At least 3 times a day I will pray!


11 Daily I will do one kind act towards someone in need!  


12 I will be grateful and sincerely love people and spend time laughing, I will have the best bless day of my life today!

Daily affirmation will become daily confirmation!

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